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Panflutes in Stock

Alto-Panflute, G1-G4

NEW alto pan flute from Ulitza Panflute Manufacturing, G1-G4, G-major, flamed tonking bamboo, shoe made of Santos-Rosewood and maple. The flute has a very large, round and pleasantly soft tone!

Preis inkl. MwSt: € 750,00

Tenor-Panflute, D1-G4

This old tenor pan flute came to my workshop broken, the last octave was missing. However, it immediately struck me that it must have been a very good instrument once, the manufacturer is unfortunately unknown. The oval bamboo tubes, which are unusually installed along the direction of the air flow, are special. According to this construction I added the last octave and made a completely new base. The result is a very easy to play tenor pan flute, with a soft and large tone in the lower register.

Preis inkl. MwSt: € 450,00

Soprano-Panflute, H1-A4

This very old Romanian pan flute comes from the famous workshop of Ion Preda from Bucharest. The flute was completely restored by me in my workshop (Ulitza Panflute Manufacturing) and put in a good playable condition.

Price including VAT: € 350,00