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Panflutes in Stock

Very old Ulitza-Panflute, H1-C4

This is a very old Ulitza pan flute with a simple design, but very easy to play with a good response and a big tone! The flute is from 1992, has 16 tubes and a range of B1 - C4, tuned in G major.

Price including VAT: € 85,00

Alto-Panflute, G1-G4

This is an older flute made of yellow Chinese bamboo and mahogany by Ulitza Panflute Manufacturing, but it has hardly ever been played. She is in really excellent condition and very well maintained. Due to its age, the flute's bamboo has taken on a very beautiful yellow-orange colour, and its sound is very powerful and balanced. The flute is offered here on behalf of a customer, if you are interested I will put you in touch with the seller.

Price including VAT: € 500,00

Tenor-panflute, D1-G4

This is an older panpipe with pipes made of sycamore or white beech (I can't say for sure) made by Peter Kobliczek. I have optimized the mouthpiece a little, impregnated the tubes with propolis and oiled them, retuned (G major). Now it has a very large tone, especially in the lower register. The flute is offered here on behalf of the customer, if interested I will establish the connection to the provider.

Price including VAT: € 650,00