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"Ulitza Children Panflute"

Here I present the now universally popular "Ulitza Children's Flute". An idea, which I developed together with my students of Elementary Music Education in Linz/Austria, and which should enable the introduction of the panflute in the so-called "Musical Early Education". See detailed text below!

The "Ulitza Children's Flute" has a range of D2-G3, 11 tubes, and is tuned in G major. The socket can be made of a variety of wood types, and the color of the bamboo tubes may well differ from the example image. Special requests in this regard can of course be taken into account when ordering new. In any case, I guarantee a light and strong tone response and high stability of the flute!

The "Ulitza Children's Flute" can be ordered in different "sets":

"Ulitza Children's Flute" without further accessories:
€ 80,- incl. VAT, + shipping costs.

"Ulitza Children's Flute" with one matching music book:
"My First Panflute Book" No.1 + CD or No.2 + CD
€ 90,- incl. VAT, + shipping costs.

"Ulitza Children's Flute" with two matching music books:
"My first panflute book" No.1 + CD and No.2 + CD
€ 100,- incl. VAT, + shipping costs.

"My first panflute book" No. 1 + 2

And here is some information about the appropriate music books, which you can get in the "set" with a children's flute at a preferential price:

Music Samples:


Sheet Music Sample:

Music Samples:


Sheet Music Sample:

Dear panflute teachers!

The idea for this music book and the "children's panflute" arose from the fundamental consideration of how the panflute could be used in the field of musical early education. Because of their structure, which seems logical from the point of view of visual appearance, the way the panflute works is often intuitively understood even by children, and ideally it is played by ear, almost as if sung. In contrast to the recorder you can do without abstract gestures, and you can react spontaneously to what the "inner voice" is already "singing" in your head. 

About a year ago, my students and I thought about the range of sounds that a panflute should have for children in early musical education. The result, D2-G3, a range of 1 1/2 octaves that responds
relatively easily, even allows some of the pieces to be played in two different keys without the need for extra sign. The panflute remains in its traditional key of G major. 

On the CD, each piece of music is acailable twice, first the "full version" with panflute, as an example, then the playback version without panflute, to play this part yourselves. In the canons, the second flute is missing in the playback version. Ideally, the canons are played by at least three students without the CD. 

This sheet music is not a panflute school but only a small repertoire contribution, which should support dedicated music teachers to include the panflute for children in the music lessons. 

Ulrich Herkenhoff

Further sheet music for panflute can be found here: