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The company Ulitza-Panflötenbau produces high-quality concert-flutes based on Romanian models, and can now look back on a wealth of experience of over 35 years. Owner Ulrich Herkenhoff, internationally known panflute player and Echo prize winner, is responsible for each panflute of his company, and personally carries out every step of the manufacturing, from the selection of the bamboo tubes to the "final touch" and intonation.

The Ulitza panflute enjoys great popularity worldwide and is much appreciated and played by many musicians as far away as Taiwan or South Korea. Ulitza panflutes are made entirely by hand in the usual sizes and are not a mass product, but high-quality concert panflutes in custom-made, selected bamboo and fine woods. They are the panflutes directly from the hand of the panflutist Ulrich Herkenhoff.

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