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Panflutes in Stock

Very old soprano-panflute , H1-G4

This is a very old soprano flute from Tonkingbamboo, H1-G4 (20 pipes) of the well-known company Ion Preda from Romania. It has been beautifully restored by me and is perfectly playable.

€ 350,00 incl. tax + shipping

Bamboopanflute, G1-G4

This is a bamboo flute in the traditional range of an alto flute. The manufacturer is unknown to me. It is relatively simple in terms of craftsmanship, the shoe is made of birch plywood and bamboo. But because it has very beautiful pipes made of yellow Chinese bamboo, it fulfills quite higher demands in terms of sound, lies very well in the hand and can be played excellently.

€ 400,00 incl. tax + shipping

Soprano-Panflute from Dajoeri, H1-G4

This 20-pipe soprano panpipe, H1-G4, was made from Tonking bamboo. It speaks very lightly and has, after I revised it in the workshop, a warm and rounded sound.

€ 350,00 incl. tax + shipping