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Wood and Exotic Wood Panflutes
(For an enlarged view of the pictures please click on the small pictures.)

The panflutes made of wood are built solely in the size of 22 pipes, alto flute (g1-g4). We distinguish the wood-panflutes, the exotic wood-panflutes and the multi-wood-flute. The woods cherry, dewberry, maple, yew, and the exotic woods grenadilla, African ebony, rosewood, boxwood and Bahia rosewood are especially recommended for the panflute. In addition to these varieties many others are in stock and can be used on request. The flutes are expertly made, impregnated and polished on the lathe by my colleague G. Pöllitsch, a specialist in wooden flute making. A special
feature is the multi-wood flute, which consists of 22 different types of wood (patent G. Pöllitsch). From low to high the woods are getting not only brighter in color, but also softer. This guarantees a sound balance that has never been heard before across the entire tone scale. Here are some examples:

G1 - G4 Alto Flute
Tuja root wood
Socket made of maple + mahogany

G1 - G4 Alto Flute
African ebony
Socket made of bubinga + maple

G1 - G4 Alto Flute
22 different types of wood
Mahogany socket + maple

Types of wood for the socket:
(For an enlarged view of the pictures please click on the small pictures.)

For the socket of a flute, I like to use two different types of wood, which show a clear difference in color. This creates, as you can see above, a beautiful wooden stripe through the double base. Here you can take a closer look at my usual wood selections. In general, I think that with light flutes a dark socket, and with dark flutes (flamed bamboo) a light socket are particularly suitable. If you want a different and maybe special type of wood, I will gladly try to get them because I have an excellent wood dealer close by.